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CLSA Op-Ed in CALMatters: California leads the way in precision medicine

Precision medicine uses some of the world’s most sophisticated technologies to find the root causes of each patient’s unique condition and apply the best, most precise treatments. California is a biomedical juggernaut, and the precision medicine research being funded today will impact patients around the world. Learn how California is leading the way in precision medicine research.

CLSA Op-Ed in Morning Consult: Foreign Price Controls Will Stifle Medical Innovation and Hinder Patient Access

CLSA President & CEO Mike Guerra pens an op-ed in Morning Consult regarding the dangers of policymakers utilizing foreign price controls to lower drug costs. With growing bipartisan support for these schemes, CLSA is working to educate policymakers that importing price controls will do little to lessen the financial burden for patients. Rather, these short-sighted proposals will hinder access to needed treatments and discourage medical innovation in California.