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Each year, 1.7 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer, and of those, 650,000 are treated with chemotherapy. Oncodisc is developing an implantable Digital Health device to continuously monitor chemotherapy patients and their response to treatment, while proactively alerting their physician to conditions which may require further care. In 2017, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center published … Continue reading Oncodisc

Anven Biosciences

Pathway-specific Therapeutics and Diagnostics for Alzheimer’s disease Recent discoveries in biomimetic chemistry have enabled highly effective new approaches to definitively isolate the cause of disease and directly link gene-epitope-antibody relationships for systematically stratified immunotherapeutics. To learn more about how Anven Biosciences and our “proxy antigen” technology can help you develop effective treatments for Alzheimer’s and … Continue reading Anven Biosciences

D2G Oncology

D2G Oncology relates drugs to genotypes to transform precision cancer therapeutics

Accelero Biostructures

Accelero Biostructures is capitalizing on over 20 years of structural genomics and structural biology expertise using high-throughput protein X-ray crystallography with our ABS and ABS-OneStep platforms. ABS provides a unified pipeline of gene-to-structure protein X-ray crystallography solutions aimed at the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to support structure-based drug discovery and protein engineering. ABS-OneStep is our … Continue reading Accelero Biostructures