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Viscient Biosciences LLC

Viscient is a drug discovery company targeting liver and kidney disease and leveraging 3D bioprinting and the understanding possible with novel in vitro tissues to attack difficult challenges in medicine. With leading technologies available today and aggressive research and development, diseases that have proven difficult to address can now be understood and targeted for blockbuster … Continue reading Viscient Biosciences LLC

Toray Industries, Inc (USA)

Toray Industries, through a string of some 255 subsidiaries and affiliates, sews together a diversified enterprise producing a swath of advanced materials. Its chemists create a slew of fibers, textiles, films, resins, chemicals, plastics, and other engineered components. Business is divided among six segments: Fibers & Textiles, Plastics & Chemicals, IT-related Products, Carbon Fiber Composite … Continue reading Toray Industries, Inc (USA)

SageMedic, Inc

SageMedic is an early stage clinical diagnostic company to assist oncologists in selecting the most effective treatment for their patients. The company’s solution is a phenotypic micro-tumor assay. Using the patient’s live tumor tissue, SageMedic creates hundreds of micro-tumors, exposes those with dozens of treatment options, and measures the tumor’s reaction to the treatments.

IR2DX, Inc.

IR2Dx has developed a breakthrough proprietary software-based analysis and reporting system for Type 2 diabetes. This clinical decision support tool uses analysis of results from multi-marker diagnostic test panels to provide highly personalized treatment strategies for patients with diabetes at any stage of the disease. We assist physicians in treatment decisions to deliver precision medicine … Continue reading IR2DX, Inc.