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Respira Labs

Twenty-five million Americans are affected by Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). COPD is characterized by recurrent attacks that require frequent ER visits and hospitalization. The costs associated with those visits contribute to half of the disease’s $50 billion per year price tag. Measuring air in the lungs at various points in the breathing cycle maps … Continue reading Respira Labs

Dorian Therapeutics

We are an anti-aging company. We developed a proprietary method at Stanford University to prevent cellular aging. We know that cells age and

Bridgene Biosciences, Inc.

BridGene Biosciences is a biomedical company based on novel and high-throughput chemical proteomic platform. BridGene Biosciences is focused on accelerating industrial and academic therapeutic innovation to improve human life. We are committed to become the industrial leader in the new era of drug and target discovery.

Altay Biopharma

Altay Biopharma is a pre-clinical stage biotech company focused on treating fibrotic diseases to extend the lives of patients. Our lead compound ALT-CP1 targets the driver of inflammation and has shown pre-clinical efficacy in treating lung and liver fibrosis in mouse models.

Allegro 3D, Inc.

Located in San Diego, a world hub for biotechnology, Allegro 3D is an emerging 3D bioprinting company. At the convergence of advanced additive manufacturing, stem cell biology, and biomaterials, Allegro 3D’s bioprinting technologies enable high-throughput manufacturing of advanced cell matrices and precision human tissues for high-throughput drug screening and regenerative medicine. These transformational platform technologies … Continue reading Allegro 3D, Inc.