CBI’s Speed to IND for Biologics 2018

San Francisco, CA

10/17/2018 - 10/18/2018

8:00am - 5:00pm

**Integrating Novel Technologies, Strategies & Cross-Functional Approaches to Accelerate Development & Compress Timelines**

To achieve ideal timelines, you must accelerate every individual function and hand-off utilizing a precise blend of innovative technologies, proven strategies and exceptional project management. The right combination will enable you to successfully go from transfection to IND in less than 12 months. This ambitious goal requires a true team effort from every department.

CBI’s Speed to IND for Biologics provides a comprehensive, cross-functional format that brings together experts from every department to share their perspectives, achievements and lessons learned as a community working towards the common goal of accelerating speed while managing and mitigating risk.

Take Part in this Interactive Forum to Discuss and Determine the Best Approaches To:

– Accelerate the Transition from R&D to Development
– Address Cell Line Development Needs Using New Technologies and Alternate Strategies
– Overlap Activities to Compress Timelines
– Determine Best Technologies in Analytical and Process Sciences that Enable Compressed Timelines
– Accelerate Development of New Modalities and Approaches to IND Filing
– Integrate a Cross-Functional Approach to Successfully Manage Critical Path to IND
– Determine and Mitigate the Technical, Manufacturing and Regulatory Risks
– Address Regulatory and Quality Challenges in Accelerating Timelines

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