CEOs, Boards and Advisors: HOw to Build a Winning Company

Palo Alto, CA


12:00pm - 5:00pm

You are invited to attend this vital program designed to help new CEOs of early
stage companies with the best governance and advisory support for success.
Studies show a critical factor for long-term success rests with how well the CEO
takes full advantage of its board, advisory board and direct professional executive
coaching.This is especially true in the first year. CEOs are winners in building
viable companies when they:
1. Select the right mix of advisors and lead advisory board members;
2. Understand corporate governance and CEOs roles and duties;
3. Determine the best board directors based on strategic skills and
competencies needed for the business;
4. Develop and support effective working relationships among executives,
advisors and directors;
5. Define clear duties, roles and responsibilities for executives,
advisors and directors;
6. Invest time with a professional coach to become the best CEO possible.
This half-day program introduces methods, tactics, policies, and best practices
CEOs can use to leverage the full potential of the combined talent to build a
viable enterprise.This dynamic, interactive and robust program includes the following
CEOs, Governance & The Big Picture
■ The Purpose of Boards
■ Directors Roles & Duties
■ Composing Boards
Factors to Evaluate: Skills & Qualifications, Problem Solving Style, Knowing
Your Own Governance Style, Diversity, Committees, Compensation, Conflict
Resolution, Managing Conflicts of Interest, Functional/Dysfunctional Boards,
Boards for Cross-Border Businesses Bylaws, article incorporation,
D&O insurance
■ Relating to Your Board
Board Simulation: Try It On
■ Take on the challenge of a board situation as directors. You,
as a board, must solve a board dilemma based on a real case.
Learn how group dynamics, your style of problem-solving and
peer-based leadership contributes to success or trouble.
Advisory Boards: Fast Lane Learning
■ Bridging Knowledge Gaps
■ “Kitchen Cabinets”
■ Special Interest Advisory Boards
■ Terms, Limits and Compensation
■ Getting the Most Value from Your Advisors
Professional Growth in Leadership
■ Skills for Next Generation CEOs and Directors
■ Developing Your Personal Brand
■ Taking on Corporate Stewardship
■ Year One Success Best Practices

Program Information
This Boardwise program is free of charge for our Global
Governance Members. If you are a member, use code
WINGUEST! The fee for non-members is $40.
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Date: October 18, 2018
Time: Noon- 5pm
Main Schedule: Noon – 1:00 Registration and Lunch
Program: 1:00 pm - 5:00pm
Cocktails and Networking: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
DLA Piper Offices at 2000 University AvePalo Alto, CA
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DLA Piper Offices at 2000 University AvePalo Alto, CA