CLSA in Politico: On Patents, Life Sciences Groups Voice ‘Disappointment’ With Issa

lrg-logo-politicoBy Adam Sneed
As reported in Politico Morning Tech & Politico Prescription Pulse

Sept. 21, 2015

Two California-based life sciences organizations are taking Rep. Darrell Issa to task over his claims that the industry spread “misinformation” in the patent reform debate. Some background: Earlier this month Issa told Kate that supporters of the Innovation Act were rebuilding support for the bill “after misinformation led to people not supporting the bill that they had previously voted for.” He also said life-sciences groups won’t get the carve-out they want to exempt patents tied to FDA-approved drugs from USPTO’s post-grant review process. That’s not sitting well with Biocom and the California Life Sciences Association, which wrote to Issa on Friday about their “disappointment” about his comments.

“These remarks seem to suggest a lack of understanding of the extraordinary value and complexity of life sciences innovation,” the groups wrote, adding the post-grant review process “threaten[s] future investment in innovation and ultimately the ability of patients to have access to breakthrough medicines and technologies.” The letter:

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