CLSA Opposes Amendment to Oyster Point Development Plan in South San Francisco

Jan. 24, 2018
By Reese Isbell

As previously reported, CLSA has been engaged with South San Francisco leaders regarding a proposal by a developer to spot zone a housing project in the heart of the industrial and manufacturing area of the life sciences cluster East of Highway 101. The City is currently home to over 200 life sciences companies, 16 research & development (R&D) campuses, and over 20,000 employees working in the sector. Venture capital awards for early stage, later stage, and expansion research bring in $360,000,000 to the local economy.

GreenlandUSA, the current developer attached to the Oyster Point project, put forward an amendment in early 2017 that would add up to 1,200 residential units in lieu of a portion of the research and development space previously approved by the City. Over the past year, CLSA has participated in numerous hearings and events to ascertain more details on the project, dialogue with officials, and advocate for the strength of the life sciences cluster.

In December 2017, the City’s Planning Department released a Supplemental Environmental Impact Review (SEIR) for the 2011 project which researched the impacts of the proposed amendments for housing.  The comment period for the SEIR continues through February 1, 2018. Following that, the City’s Planning Commission and City Council will hold hearings in the coming months and take votes on the plan.

In January 2018, CLSA submitted a letter of opposition to the proposed amendment as part of the City Planning Commission’s review. CLSA will continue to speak out in upcoming hearings and advocate for the City’s life sciences cluster. It is essential that efforts to maximize opportunities for residential development not create land use conflicts with industrial operations to the potential detriment of both.

Given the increased need for affordable housing in the Bay Area, CLSA will continue to advocate for opportunities for the growth of housing near transit corridors and to work in coalitions to support the development of more housing and commuting options throughout South San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area.

For more information on the subject or questions, please contact Reese Isbell, CLSA’s Director of Local Government and Community Relations (