CLSA in Politico: California Governor approves new law to protect clinical trials, research

By Dan Diamond & Victoria Colliver | Politico Pulse

California: Governor approves new law to protect clinical trials, research. Drug, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are applauding Gov. Jerry Brown’s approval of a bill designed to fix a new online privacy law that they argued could have been “catastrophic” for the state’s clinical trial industry.

“By signing Senate Bill 1121 into law, California life sciences companies can continue doing what they do best – finding cures and treatments for the patients that need them,” said Sara Radcliffe, president of the California Life Sciences Association.

… The online privacy law, Assembly Bill 375, gave consumers more rights over how companies collect and manage personal information and data. But the health care industry warned that clinical trial patients could request their data be deleted — or discover whether they’ve been given a placebo — putting their studies at risk.

The newly approved law restricts patients from deleting their data or making requests that violate the terms of their clinical trial contract.

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