CLSA Review of Trump Administration’s Federal Budget Proposal

On Monday, February 10, 2020, President Trump released his $4.8 trillion proposed budget request for fiscal year 2021 (FY 21).

The President’s budget request is typically used by Congress to 1) inform its own budget via a long process of amendments and counter proposals, and 2) draft its own appropriations bills, which are the legislative vehicles by which the financial business of Congress is done.  These ultimately fund the government when consensus is reached.  If consensus is not achieved and deadlines approach, Congress can sometimes pass continuing resolutions or “CRs” which, as we so often read in the press, allows the government to remain funded for a defined period of time and avoid the dreaded “shutdown”.

It is critical for CLSA’s advocacy efforts to thoroughly review the budget document so that we may engage in support of, or in opposition to, areas of importance to our membership.  For example, severe cuts to programs that help fund basic research that a professor and/or startup company may one day use to pursue a novel target for a new therapy or medical device, would be something we strenuously object to.

The President’s budget request in its entirety is unlikely to become law, especially when the House, Senate, and Presidency are controlled by different parties.  It is important, however, to view the proposed budget as a window into the Administration’s priorities for the coming year.  Congress’ reaction to the Administration’s budget request is equally important and informative. Analyzing the budget request also allows us to strategically position our efforts, build alliances, and work with like-minded groups to affect positive changes and shape national policy.

LINK HERE for a summary and analysis of the numerous biomedical and life sciences-related provisions included in the President’s proposal, listed in alphabetical order by federal agency, and then by sub-agency and/or initiative.

FOR MORE INFO – See the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) budget materials and issue area fact sheets.

Questions? Contact Jenny Nieto (, CLSA’s Vice President of Federal Government Relations & Alliance Development, Molly Fishman (, CLSA’s Director of Federal Government Relations, or Dani Mitchell (, CLSA’s Manager of Federal Government Relations & Programs.