CLSA in the San Diego Business Journal: Making Digital Health Happen

By Jared Whitlock | San Diego Business Journal
Sept. 5, 2018

A California Life Sciences Association panel on Aug. 23 in La Jolla took on a hefty topic: What’s next for digital health?

For the uninitiated, digital health is the convergence of technology and health care, promising to improve everything from health records to ushering in value-based care, which emphasizes quality over quantity.

Thing is, the public and regulators must be on board for digital health to take off.

Melinda Richter, head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLabs, said key will be showing how technology transformed industries for the better despite logistical hurdles.

She cited the example of banking on cellphones, which once seemed a tall order on account of security and software exchange issues. Until it wasn’t.

“You paint this story so folks like legislators or regulators can understand where we’re trying to get to, and not create it as a scary place, or as an impossible place,” Richter said.

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