CLSA’s Leadership Series: Becoming More Agile, Mindful, and Connected in Today’s World



11:00am - 12:00pm

Businesses and organizations are being tested at this very moment unlike any other in over 100 years. We need teams that are nimble, flexible and engaged, and we need leaders who are emotionally fluent and resilient to hold together people who are feeling unstable and anxious.

Yes, things are sideways. This new, interactive event from CLSA is designed to acknowledge that and yet also help provide practical ideas for thriving in this difficult and dynamic environment. On June 4, CLSA's Leadership Series will feature Dr. Kristen Lee, author of Mentintelligence: A New Psychology of Thinking--Learn What It Takes to be More Agile, Mindful, and Connected in Today's World

This current disorienting moment in time can leave us tumbling into messy, downward spirals. We lose clarity, and are held hostage by blind spots that keep us in places of fear and anxiety, instead of allowing us to thrive. This calamitous moment in time can make us shut down, numb out, and check out – from our communities and even ourselves. In this uniquely liberating perspective, Dr. Kristen Lee believes that we can thrive – even during this crazy time right now. She teaches us how to apply a process of behavioral change using a series of different lenses, to steer our brains to overcome blind spots and cultivate Upward Spiral habits, instead of succumbing to the paralysis of stress and anxiety.

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