CLSI CARB-X Hosts Intensive Strategy Session for “Powered by CARB-X” Proteus IRC

The CLSI CARB-X team – Heather Shane, Steve Karp, and Amy Xu – hosted Powered by CARB-X company, Proteus IRC, for an intensive strategy session designed to help Proteus transition from a research consortium to a VC-backed entity. The three-day session drew 22 volunteer advisors from 20 different organizations – from as far as Washington, DC – who collectively donated over 230 hours to advising the Proteus team, some for all three days.

Proteus IRC is an interdisciplinary research consortium based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is the largest healthcare focused biophotonics project in the UK. The team consists of researchers who are developing novel technologies to image and sense within the human body with the goal of providing immediate ‘bedside’ detection of infections in patients in intensive care units.

CARB-X is funding the application of Proteus’ technology to a bronchoscopic sensing and imaging system capable of rapidly detecting the presence of harmful bacteria in the lungs. However, Proteus’ range of technologies – including highly flexible, disposable optical fibers, molecular optical sensing and imaging probes and single photon counting detectors – have numerous potential applications. Part of the purpose of the strategy session was to dive deeper into Proteus’ unique optical fiber technology and explore alternatives for its utilization. The discussions also included paths to commercialization of the fiber, as well as IP implications and resource needs.

Lynn Marks, MD, Senior R&D Advisor to BARDA and one of the members of the advisory group, noted that the experts around the table were “broad in skills, deep in level of expertise and highly engaged with free-flowing dialogue and excellent perspectives/advice”.  In addition to the rich and valuable discussions brought to the meeting table, the advisors and experts got to know the Proteus team, and each other, through informal networking during breaks and lunch.  David Davidovic, Founder of pathForward LLC and serial entrepreneur, who volunteered on two of the three days stated, “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt quite invigorated. It was great to meet and hear so many brilliant and experienced minds”.