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CLSI Part of $6 Million CA Career Pathways Grant in San Francisco

The California Life Sciences Institute is well into the planning stages of a new California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT) grant with partners at the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, the San Francisco Unified School District and City College of San Francisco. Awarded last June, the three-year $6 million grant is designed to develop strong career pathways in the biosciences and information and communications technology – with significant inputs from industry – for students in high school, through community college and on to four-year institutions and/or jobs.

As the Industry Liaison for the life sciences pathway on the project, CLSI has been working with teachers, faculty and administrative staff to design work-based learning initiatives that will pull in local industry to enrich student learning and to help develop the skills that are needed for bioscience careers. Over the next three years, the Institute will identify industry champions in the San Francisco vicinity to help design and participate in high-visibility substantive initiatives with students, teachers and faculty, including internships, mentoring, career talks, outsourced research projects, company tours and more. The project is aligned with a number of other industry-led STEM initiatives in the city that includes the SF Chamber of Commerce, tech companies, and community-based organizations.

“This is a great opportunity to demonstrate to city officials and residents the valuable efforts that our industry is undertaking to develop students for life science careers,” said CLSI Executive Director Lori Lindburg, “and to do so in a manner on par and beyond that of the very active tech sector!”