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CLSI Participates in Antimicrobial Resistance Panel at the 2017 BIO Investor Forum

CLSI CARB-X Executive Director Heather Shane speaks at BIO Investor Forum panel


Heather Shane, Executive Director of the CLSI CARB-X accelerator, spoke at this year’s BIO Investor Forum in San Francisco at a panel on the Antimicrobial Resistance: New Research and Funding Opportunities. The panel sought to explore the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), the economic challenges in developing these products, and the incentives proposed to address these issues, and included David Puerta, COO of “Powered by CARB-X” company Forge Therapeutics, Ted Schroeder, President and CEO of Zavante Therapeutics, Ciara Kennedy, President and CEO of Amplyx, and Shelley Chu, Partner at Abingworth. Gregory Frank, Director of Infectious Disease Policy at BIO, moderated the panel.

Ms. Shane discussed how CARB-X is attacking the challenge of AMR by providing nondilutive funding and targeted advisory support, through its accelerators, to selected companies who are doing innovative work in the space. On the topic of reimbursement models for AMR products, Ms. Shane noted that success in prevention and conservation efforts is at odds with the current reimbursement regime, which rewards antibiotic use, as opposed to availability and preservation of effective antibiotics.  She highlighted the need for expanded push incentives to de-risk early-stage AMR R&D, such as academic/industry partnerships through which companies can get access to sophisticated tools and deep expertise that are otherwise not available to them.

Ms. Shane further explained the role accelerators play in developing the AMR community and corralling support for CARB-X projects and AMR innovation. “The key to accelerating innovation,” Shane stated, “is for support to be flexible and customized to the individual company’s needs based on its development stage and management team.”