County Takeback Efforts Continue

May 9, 2016

While takeback efforts were expected to move quickly in early 2016 in a number of California counties, a longer holding pattern has emerged.

In Los Angeles, hearings originally set for Feb. 2 have been rescheduled each month. The current schedule has it set for May 17 although that is open to change. Over this extended period, the County has released a variety of new online documents to support their proposal:

  • A newly updated ‘final’ version of their draft ordinance
  • A staff report for the May hearing which includes estimated costs of the program to the industry with estimates that industry would have to pay $644,000 for the first year to defray the County’s oversight and overall an estimated annual cost of $20 million for implementation
  • A collection of Letters from Cities within Los Angeles County who support the effort
  • A collection of Letters from stakeholders
  • A County-produced survey of Los Angeles residents attempting to showcase popular support for their takeback proposals

Meanwhile, Sonoma County has been expected to put forward its ordinance for some time now. In the interim, CLSA has worked in coordination with local associations and members for productive discussions with Supervisor David Rabbitt and County staff.  CLSA also participated in Congressman Mike Thompson’s forum on Substance Abuse and the Dangers of Self-Medication where Supervisor Shirlee Zane raised the takeback concept. Further, Sonoma, through its joint watershed association with the County of Mendocino, known as the Russian River Watershed Association (RRWA), has continued to build up its case through a survey of residents, encouraging cities to send in letters of support to the Board of Supervisors, and including further advocacy monies in their 2016-2017 work plan.

Elsewhere in the state, Santa Barbara County has been drafting takeback legislation since late 2015. San Diego County also recently conducted its own survey of residents’ knowledge of, and preferences for, drug and sharps proposals.

The months of ongoing activities have enabled our conversations to continue with respective Supervisors and County staff members throughout the state. For the latest up-to-date activities, please contact Reese Arron Isbell, CLSA’s Director of Local Government and Community Relations (