CS Bio Company, Inc.

Organization Address
20 Kelly Ct
Menlo Park, CA 94025-1418

Organization Phone
(650) 322-1111



Organization Description

CS Bio is a biotechnology company that has been focused on providing peptide synthesizers and custom peptides to the life sciences community for over 15 years. The company was founded in 1993. Our initial product line was a complete line of automated synthesizers for manufacturing and process development, with a focus on peptide production. Our complete line of automated synthesizers can be found in laboratories from research organizations to manufacturing facilities worldwide. CS Bio also has a full scale, FDA inspected peptide production laboratory and holds a Drug Manufacturing License from the state of California. The lab produces both custom peptides for research and development and cGMP grade peptides for toxicology and clinical studies. Our manufacturing equipment includes small and large scale automated peptide synthesizers (CS Bio), preparative and analytical HPLC systems (Varian, Agilent), freeze driers (Virtis). Our Quality Control equipment includes analytical HPLCs (Agilent), mass spectrometer (Thermo), elemental analyzer (Perkin Elmer) and gas chromatograph (Agilent). We feel our biggest asset is our stellar reputation in the biotechnology field in both peptide production and peptide synthesizers as well as our good standing in the local and biotech communities.

Clinical Development Stage