Decoy Biosystems

Organization Address
3830 Valley Centre Dr., Suite 705, PMB 482
San Diego, CA 92130

Organization Phone
(858) 922-9015

Biotech and Pharmaceutical

Organization Description
Decoy Biosystems is a private, San Diego-based, biotechnology company developing a novel and potentially best in class multiple Toll-like receptor (TLR) agonist-based cancer immunotherapy. Our approach utilizes killed, non-pathogenic bacteria, which act as a “decoy” to attract immune cells and activate an anti-tumor immune response. Unlike competitor TLR agonist-associated products, Decoy’s patented technology does not depend on targeting to a specific tumor antigen or use of a locally administered therapy to try to induce an immune response against distant, metastatic disease. Decoy’s intravenously administered technology can safely eradicate established lymphoma, hepatocellular and colorectal tumors in standard preclinical models and is also active in a metastatic pancreatic carcinoma model. Decoy therapy eradicates tumors via both innate and adaptive immune mechanisms and induces immunological memory, producing resistance to subsequent tumor challenge. Decoy’s first product can enter clinical development within about 2 years, targeting tumors that are not exhibiting durable responses or exhibit low durable response rates to current immunotherapy.