Digital Beauty: Beyond the jar – It is more than skin deep

South San Francisco, CA


3:00pm - 6:15pm

Technology continues to impact numerous consumer health and wellness markets and beauty is no exception. There is a digital beauty revolution afoot as technology and beauty merge to create novel approaches to provide consumers with deeper insights into their skincare needs. Technology is becoming the catalyst for personalization of beauty solutions, creating new business models that change the way consumers select and access their beauty products.

What is the story behind beauty innovation? We will look at the trends and showcase leaders who are shaping the digital beauty revolution and the role digital applications, devices and data analytics will play in this evolving market.

Join us for an intriguing panel discussion and company demonstrations from those already making the digital beauty connection. The event will include a bonus announcement for a non-dilutive funding opportunity for one or more breakthrough beauty innovations from the BeautyTech QuickFire Challenge.

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Contact: Nikki Sarantinos
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329 Oyster Point Blvd.
Floor 3
South San Francisco, CA