Eidos Therapeutics

Organization Address
12354 Skyline Boulevard
Woodside, CA 94062

Organization Phone
(415) 279-2619

Biotech and Pharmaceutical

Drug Discovery and Development

Organization Description

Eidos is a preclinical stage company focused on treatment of the orphan disease familial amyloid cardiomyopathy (FAC), which is caused by deposition of a destabilized form of the serum protein transthyretin (TTR) and senile systemic amyloidosis (SSA). The lead molecule, AG10 is an orally bioavailable kinetic stabilizer of TTR whose potency and selectivity in human serum exceeds that of any previously identified TTR ligands. In addition, AG10 shows superior pharmacologic, pharmaceutical and PK/ADME properties to other TTR stabilizers. Eidos is seeking to raise funding to complete IND studies and to take the molecule through Phase 2 proof-of-concept studies.