LHH Elevating Women in Leadership: Raising Your Strategic Value Series (Aug.14 – Sep.18)


8/14/2020 - 9/18/2020

9:00am - 11:00am

Our Elevating Women in Leadership program is a powerful workshop series consisting of nine half-day sessions, three coaching community calls and optional one-on-one coaching sessions, designed to help shift the mindsets of female leaders and develop the behaviors they need to advance their careers.

Building Block #2: Raising Your Strategic Value

Session 4: Work at the Right Level | Friday, August 14, 9:00am – 11:00am

This workshop helps leaders examine how they spend their time currently, and what strategies they can use to raise their strategic value to the organization and their team.

Workshop objectives:
- Internalize the barriers that prevent one from adding their full strategic value.
- Apply tools to determine if one is working at the right level and a go forward plan.
- Learn how to articulate priorities and practice how to say yes and no to the right things.

Session 5: Communicate Strategically | Friday, August 28, 9:00am – 11:00am

This workshop looks at how to successfully communicate a point of view within the context of organizational goals and strategy. Ultimately, leaders learn how to shape perceptions of their strategic ability through clear and confident communication.

Workshop objectives:
- Discover what it means to speak strategically.
- Learn how language impacts credibility and the ability to influence others.
- Apply skills and tools to help communicate in a more clear, concise, and confident way.

Session 6: Network to be Influential | Friday, September 11, 9:00am – 11:00am

This workshop helps leaders gain the mindset to see networking as a way to extend their influence, and create actions to build the operational, strategic, and career-focused relationships they need for success.

Workshop objectives:
- Internalize the mindset required for effective networking.
- Understand the three types of networks needed for success.
- Create a targeted plan to expand one’s sphere of influence.

Coaching Community Call | Friday, September 18 | 10-11am

This second coaching community call will be facilitated by Lauren Tanny to help you and your fellow female leaders sustain the learning from the previous three sessions. Build and support each other through shared learning experiences.

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