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Emerging Themes in Personalized Medicine

The adoption of Personalized Medicine is being driven by the omnipresence of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), the fast pace of technological innovations in the field, and the President’s Precision Medicine Initiative. To date, however, only a relatively small fraction of the patient population has had their DNA fully sequenced, while a larger segment has undergone limited analysis related to an NGS-based diagnostics test, primarily in the area of oncology. It is expected that this picture will soon change though, as costs continue to drop and the value of NGS is further demonstrated thus driving this development.

NGS has tremendous value and potential in oncology for prognostic and diagnostic purposes. NGS data adds to the identification and application of biomarkers in different research areas such as cardiovascular disease, contributes to the understanding and characterization of the underlying biology of human diseases, and nowadays in the identification and characterization of new drug targets. Its wider-spread acceptance and applications bring with it a number of non-trivial challenges though, such as an increasing complexity in clinical trial design and patient selection, a potential to further increase drug development costs, and increased pressure to provide justification of clear clinical value to both payors and patients. Juxtaposed to this are the opportunities that come with improved computational and data management capabilities and the fast-paced technological achievements which are expected to address these challenges and further accelerate the transition into the clinic.
The 10th Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC 2016), held January 24-27 in Silicon Valley, will focus on these developments in a collegial setting that fosters scientific exchange, networking, and partnering. The broad array of topics covered span research and commercial applications and include NGS and its clinical utilization, prenatal diagnostics, data privacy and security, regulatory updates, and commercial opportunities. PMWC 2016 offers an environment that allows the dissemination and exchange of these relevant contents for researchers, clinicians, providers, and government and biotech representatives.

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