The European regulatory framework and recent developments in telehealth



6:00am - 7:00am

Telehealth solutions and mobile health tools have been shown to improve access and outcomes and reduce costs. As technology is evolving rapidly and consumer demand is growing, providers and networks still face difficulties with complex regulations, reimbursement and uncertain patient engagement.

On October 18, join us for a complimentary webinar where we will discuss the recent regulatory changes of telehealth services, potential future developments, and some of the key legal issues to consider in the EU and Russia.
Topics will include:
New legislation in Russia
Recent developments and trends in Germany
Recent developments and trends in France
Cross-border telehealth in the EU
On October 3, don't miss as we start this webinar series by exploring the U.S. legal considerations and changes in telehealth.

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Contact: Julius Buelow
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