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Value of Innovation Campaign

CLSA’s Value of Innovation campaign serves to communicate the value that innovative medicines bring to our economy and patient care, while calling attention to the tactics health insurance companies are using to restrict access and shift costs onto patients. The campaign also focuses communications and digital media strategies to defeat problematic legislative measures that harm life sciences innovation in California, such as our inaugural campaign around California mandatory price reporting legislation (Senate Bill 1010) in 2016.

How Is This Achieved?

Digital Ad ExampleIn addition to our direct, on-the-ground efforts in Sacramento and Washington, CLSA’s Value of Innovation campaign focuses on the new realm of on-line, digital advocacy. In 2017, CLSA will continue this digital media campaign with an ongoing series of Facebook, Twitter and other on-line ads focused in Sacramento and key legislative districts across the state, along with a new Protect Access & Innovation website, which will serve as a hub providing information about relevant actions that undermine or threaten patient access and care, news and updates from CLSA, and a platform for contacting legislators on priority legislation.

PAI Campaign Messaging
Examples of new Protect Access and Innovation digital campaign messaging.

To contribute or learn more about the Value of Innovation Campaign, Will Zasadny, CLSA’s Associate Director, Communications (