Exposing the Experts: Best Practices and Latest Trends in Deposing Scientific Study Authors



12:00pm - 1:00pm

Published scientific studies often make or break causation evidence in mass tort pharmaceutical and medical device litigation. The plaintiffs’ bar has been more aggressive in funding studies to support their causation evidence and in selecting individuals to be involved in conducting scientific studies. Uncovering this relationship and whether the study presents reliable results through discovery requires assessing a host of challenging issues. This roundtable discusses the pros and cons of seeking third-party discovery of study authors in light of recent trends, including:
-Addressing potential adverse publicity from seeking discovery from those who claim to be independent scientists;
-Strategic decisions on which authors to depose and what documents to request;
-Assessing bias and/or manipulation of study results; and
-How to leverage findings in Daubert/Frye challenges.

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Contact: Miranda Holizna
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