Faces of California Biomedical Innovation: Jeff Finerman, Cancer Survivor

Jeff Finerman, who was diagnosed with advanced stage prostate cancer when he was 62 years old. Thanks to biomedical treatments researched and developed in California, Jeff has been able to see his twin daughters graduate high school and excel in college. As he and his wife Karen look forward to their graduation, he has been able to live a healthier, fuller life. Jeff says: “You can’t put a value on curing someone from potential death.”

Watch Jeff Finerman’s story on how California’s Biomedical Sector Saved His Life from Cancer

Thanks to California’s biomedical industry, Jeff Finerman beat cancer and is alive today. California policymakers should protect this life saving industry and not pass short-sighted policies that could harm innovation or R&D.

Policymakers in California Should Protect Biomedical Innovation & the Next Generation of Cures

“It’s vitally important for California legislators to protect biomedical innovation & continue to be an advocate for patients” –Jeff Finerman

California Policymakers Should Protect Access to Care 

“If I didn’t have access to innovative therapies developed by California biomedical innovators, I wouldn’t be here today.” – Jeff Finerman

What Policymakers Need to Hear about the Value of California Biomedical Innovation

“I’m alive today because of the technologies and therapies produced by California’s biomedical sector.” – Jeff Finerman