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Fall 2017 JLABS San Diego Events

 September 27 :: Capturing the Data: Improving Patient Outcomes 3:00-5:00pm :: Register Here

Could the advancement of new technologies leveraging data and analytics hold the key to transforming healthcare into a more patient centric and cost efficient model? Startups are innovating in areas such as data aggregation, risk stratification, outcomes reporting and even staffing standardization – all of which have the end goal of putting more focus on enhancing patient care. The progression of the value-for-service model has also sparked development of data driven solutions capable of demonstrating improvements in patient outcomes. The role of data in patient care is expanding in so many ways – come hear players in the field discuss trends, potential impact, challenges and more.

October 5 :: Meet with…MPM Capital 12:30-5:00pm :: Register Here

MPM Capital is looking for leading scientific research that addresses unmet medical needs across therapeutic areas. MPM is no stranger to Johnson and Johnson Innovation, JLABS, with investments that recently helped 3 Bay Area JLABS companies reach the next level. MPM is now investing two funds, BV2014, a $400M fund focusing on early stage companies developing therapies for unmet medical needs (Series A and earlier), and the Oncology Impact Fun, a $470M fund that invests solely in oncology companies of any stage (therapeutics only – no diagnostics). Companies must have applied for a one-on-one meeting ahead of time and been approved, applications are due September 1st. 


November 15 :: Excited About Your Story: Tell it like a TED Pro 9:30am-12:45pm :: Register Here

Learn inclusive business strategies on how to unleash your own innate powers and have others be excited about your story from a world famous, best communications and leadership trainer, John Bates. Bates will cover topics in this session including: why the ability to tell a compelling story is essential for startups, 5 elements of a strategic story, strategies for pitching in front of various audiences: clinical vs non-clinical vs investors, and how to embed storytelling into all aspects of your business and pitches.