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FAST & Fellows Round-Up

Read the latest in FAST and Fellows news:

  • Paragon Genomics (FAST 2016) – dedicated to improving the critical upfront target enrichment and library preparation workflow for Next-Generation Sequencing – has launched its CleanPlex™ target enrichment solution at the 2017 AACR Annual Meeting. CleanPlex™ is a patented amplicon sequencing technology.
  • Encellin (FAST 2017), was the winner of the MedTech Innovator 2017: JLABS Pitch Event held at JLabs S. San Francisco on April 6. They were awarded a place in the MedTech Innovator Showcase, which includes one presentation slot and full access registration to AdvaMed 2017: The MedTech Conference. Additionally, this event serves as a critical step in selecting the MedTech Innovator Accelerator Class of 2017.
  • Of the four new companies accepted into Breakout labs this month, two are FAST companies. SciBac (Fall 2016) combats antibiotic-resistant infections with smart colonies of healthy bacteria, targeting Clostridium difficile (C. diff), a potentially fatal and often recurring gastrointestinal infection. LogicInk (FAST 2017) has designed a programmable temporary tattoo that changes shape and color to convey specific health information about the user. It’s free of electronics, instead tapping into the power of chemistry and biology as part of the larger digital health movement.
  • SyntheX (FAST 2016) – a therapeutics company that disrupts cellular communication pathways to target proteins that are inaccessible via canonical screening technologies – has been accepted into JLABS @ QB3, part of the QB3@953 incubator.
  • Whole Biome (FAST 2013)
    • is leaving QB3@953 to occupy its own space after a period of significant growth
    • Colleen Cutcliffe, CEO, was a featured speaker at the 3rd Annual Translational Microbiome Conference held this past month in Boston. She addressed two key questions: (1) Can we change an already existing microbial ecosystem in a predictable and desired way, and (2) Can we change a person’s disease or healthy state in predictable and desired ways?