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FAST, Fellow and CARB-X Updates February 2018

FAST & Fellows Round-Up


  • Inflammatix (FAST Fall 2017) announced findings from a new study published in Nature Communications that suggests sepsis can be detected by measuring the immune system Read More
  • Read interview with SciBac’s (FAST Fall 2016) CEO, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder, Jeanette Mucha, who is designing live biotherapeutics to treat and prevent antibiotic resistant disease in the microbiome. Read More
  • Ligandal (FAST Spring 2016) unveils nanotech delivery for genetic therapies: What Good Would Amazon Be Without the Shipping? Read More
  • GigaGen (FAST Spring 2015) announced moving into new office space in South San Francisco to accommodate the company’s expanding research and development activities for 2018 and beyond. Read More

CARB-X Updates


  • Powered by CARB-X company, Entasis Therapeutics ranked highest among biotech companies in their contributions toward stewardship. Read More
  • Powered by CARB-X company, BugWorks’ is using advanced mathematical models and algorithms to design appropriate chemical compounds to attack resistant bacteria. Read More about their approach and other ‘Big Data’ techniques for antibiotic discovery.
  • Powered By CARB-X company, Debiopharm Group announced an investment in antibiotic development with acquisition of ABAC Therapeutics. Read More