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FAST & Fellows Round-Up

Read the latest in FAST and Fellows news:

  • FAST graduate GigaGen (Spring 2015) has entered into a strategic partnership with Trianni, a company that has developed novel mouse strains genetically engineered to express human antibodies. The partnership will use GigaGen technology to discover immuno-oncology antibody therapeutics through The Trianni Mouse platform. Click HERE for more info.
  • CLSA Fellow twoXAR:
    • announced that its candidate targeting hepatocellular carcinoma has shown positive results in cell-based assays. Click HERE for more info.
    • has entered into a strategic research collaboration Santen, the specialty ophthalmology company, focused on the identification of new drug candidates for glaucoma. Click HERE for more info.
  • Read the Illumina Accelerator interview with Brian Feth, CEO of FAST graduate company Xcell Biosciences (Fall 2013), on Xcell’s recent progress and Series A.
  • CLSA Fellow MIODx has signed an exclusive license for two key immunotherapy technologies from UCSF. The first technology provides a method to monitor a patient for response to immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy.  The second license extends the technology with a method to detect if a patient is likely to have an immune-related adverse event from their immunotherapy regimen. Click HERE for more info.