FierceMedicalDevices: The top companies in med tech: 2014 revenue results

The top companies in med tech: 2014 revenue results
By Stacy Lawrence & Varun Saxena, FierceMedicalDevices
April 6, 2015

Big med tech companies come in three types: med tech pure-plays; major conglomerates that include non-healthcare businesses; and mixed drug/device players. All three of these groups have been making big moves to transform themselves this year.

These changes will undoubtedly make our 2015 top med tech revenue list look substantially different from this one.*

The largest pure-play med techs are barreling ahead with a strategy of consolidation among themselves, while trimming out their poorest performers and selectively adding innovation. The closed or planned Medtronic-Covidien, Zimmer-Biomet and Becton Dickinson-CareFusion deals will mean that each of those acquirers will have a radically altered status next year.

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