Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc.

Organization Address
2 Corporate Dr
South San Francisco, CA 94080-7047

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(415) 365-5600



Organization Description

FivePrime has built the world’s largest collection of full-length human cDNAs and has used this collection to create a library of nearly all possible protein therapeutics and targets for antibody drugs. This collection includes the proteins that form the basis of marketed blockbuster protein drugs, such as Enbrelâ, Lantusâ and Humiraâ, as well as thousands of additional proteins. FivePrime has also developed technology for identifying new first-in-class protein drugs within this library. These include a cell-based screening platform, the RIPPSSM system, and the receptor-ligand matching technology. Cell Based Discovery Platform FivePrime’s cell-based discovery platform combines a high-throughput protein production system with sophisticated and medically relevant cell-based assays to enable the discovery of new first-in-class biologic drugs and drug targets. These assays typically use freshly isolated human cells taken directly from patients, and complex assay designs and readouts to best mimic disease physiology. FivePrime has undertaken some of the most complex cell-based assays ever attempted in high-throughput. Rapid In Vivo Protein Production System (RIPPSSM) FivePrime’s proprietary, high-throughput, in vivo screening system enables the discovery of protein therapeutic candidates that cannot be identified by other methods. By testing each protein in the library directly in a rodent model of disease, FivePrime can find first-in-class therapeutics and the best protein therapeutic approach for a given disease. Receptor-Ligand Matching FivePrime’s receptor-ligand matching technologies can identify the unknown partners for medically important protein targets. This knowledge provides new understanding of the mechanism of action of drug candidates, their potential side effects, and helps guide the design of the best drug candidate and increase the probably of success of drug development. Protein Therapeutic Development Technologies FivePrime’s state-of-the-art technologies include tools for protein purification, protein engineering, optimization of mammalian cell lines for large-scale protein manufacturing, and formulation development to enhance drug efficacy and minimize side effects.

Clinical Development Stage
IND; Phase I; Phase II