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Fueling Discovery and Invested in the Long-Term, Servier is Establishing a Rapid Pace in Building its Foothold in the Space

Published 5 April 2021

Servier BioInnovation was founded in February 2018 as the early stage partnering engine of Servier Group, an independent, global pharmaceutical company governed by a non-profit foundation headquartered in France, with subsidiaries in the United States and China. It is a joint initiative between the Group’s global Research & Development (R&D) function and Business, Development & Licensing (BD&L) function, to be a one-stop shop for partnering in the U.S.

Servier BioInnovation was set up to foster strong relationships within innovative life science ecosystems. Our team is responsible for creating awareness and identifying R&D opportunities, while expediting BD&L activities in the U.S. We actively sponsor emerging science and entrepreneurship at leading biotech launch pads and science incubators, such as MBC Biolabs in California, while also supporting the next generation of scientific leaders via educational and post-doctoral programs with Universities and medical centers.

We do not innovate in isolation: Servier currently has more than 30 active partnerships worldwide and over 40 research collaborations. Our research focuses on oncology, neurodegenerative and immune-inflammatory diseases; together with life cycle management of our established cardiometabolic and neuropsychiatric products.

Most recently, Servier entered into an agreement for the acquisition of Agios Pharmaceuticals’ oncology business including its commercial, clinical and research-stage oncology portfolio. Locally and across North America, we will be equipped to offer clinical operations via the Servier Pharmaceuticals subsidiary in Boston’s Seaport. In-line with Servier’s strategy, this potential acquisition will enable the Group to strengthen its product portfolio, and drug development pipeline in oncology.

In addition to a commercial footprint in 150 countries, Servier operates four research institutes and 15 clinical research centers across the globe. Our medicines treat well over 100 million patients worldwide each day and we are committed to therapeutic progress to serve their specific needs. Patients are the core of our focus at Servier. We are dedicated to engaging with patients, caregivers, families and patient organizations to ensure their voices are heard in every initiative. Through our U.S. Patient Advocacy and Engagement Team, we help address the challenges and concerns patients face over the course of their journey. We also work with foundations to serve our patients’ needs, for example we sponsor the LLS COVID-19 Patient Financial Aid Program.

Our unique governance structure allows us to dedicate a significant portion, 25%, of our revenue from innovative products annually to R&D activities, demonstrating our commitment to drug discovery and development for critical unmet needs. Collaborations are a core part of our business, and at Servier, we partner for a purpose: our patients. We actively foster and promote emerging science through partnerships and alliances with scientists, physicians, and entrepreneurs, disease-oriented non-profit organizations and patient groups. By building true collaborations with partners, Servier is focused on finding the right modality for the right target in the right patient population at the right time.

Patients are at the heart of every decision we make, and we seek partners who share our values and commitment to improving the lives of the patients, caregivers and families we serve. We partner with others for the advancement of research, while leveraging our strengths as a private company with more than 60 years of success in drug development. Due to our worldwide commercial presence, we are able to increase the global reach of innovative drugs for our partners to far corners of the globe and therefore, treat a large diverse patient population.

Servier Group is undergoing a transformation to become a leading provider of therapies in oncology, including hard-to-treat and pediatric cancers. Servier’s pipeline currently includes innovative approaches targeting solid tumors and hematological malignancies with 15 projects in clinical development and 24 projects in drug discovery, encompassing a multitude of therapeutic modalities, including small molecules, biologics and cell therapies. Our focus is on two main areas of oncology, immuno-oncology and cancer-cell signaling, in hematological malignancies and certain solid tumors. Servier is committed to investing around 50% of the annual R&D spend in generating innovative and specialized oncology therapeutics.

We are committed to partnering in the Americas to expand our presence and drive our portfolio forward for the benefit of patients. We also have an interest in expanding our translational medicine efforts. We look forward to continuing our engagement with the California ecosystem and welcome invitations for discussion.