GEN News: Advocates Cheer Proposed NIH Funding Boost

Advocates Cheer Proposed NIH Funding Boost
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Apr 30, 2015
By Alex Philippidis

Advocates for greater research funding yesterday mostly cheered the release of a “discussion draft” version of a bill in Congress that would give the NIH $10 billion in additional funds over the next five federal fiscal years.

The bill, dubbed the 21st Century Cures Act, would parcel out that $10 billion into annual $2 billion allocations to a new “NIH Innovation Fund” separate from annual appropriations. The discussion draft says the funds would have to be spent on priority areas that include funding young researchers—a longstanding challenge for which a new NIH program would be established.

“These additional dollars can empower NIH to sustain and embark on innovative studies that could reduce the prevalence and impact of costly and disabling conditions that continue to threaten individual and population health, our economic security, and global competitiveness,” Mary Woolley, president and CEO of research advocacy group Research!America, said in a statement.