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Applying Genomics to Cancer The key to effectively using clinical genomics to improve cancer treatment and outcomes lies in determining which sets of genes and gene interactions affect different subsets of cancers. Genomic Health is conducting studies in an effort to understand which patterns of gene expression, within a tumor are linked to a response to cancer therapy or to the likelihood that the cancer will return or metastasize. The results of these genomic studies and research can then be used to develop clinically validated tests that provide the genomic profile of an individual´s tumor, helping understand whether patients are likely to benefit from and respond to cancer therapies such as tamoxifen (for breast cancer) or chemotherapy, or whether those patients are likely to experience a recurrence of their cancer. Genomics Research, Studies and Cancer Therapy Response The field of genomics is a dynamic area of research. Clinical genomics is growing and evolving very quickly as more and more researchers grasp the potential of this exciting branch of science. Ultimately, experts in the field expect that clinical genomics will play a role in each step of the cancer management process, as illustrated below. Learn more about applying clinical genomics to cancer. Get information about genomics research and its impact on cancer therapy response. Learn more about additional Genomic Health products in development: Breast Cancer Colon Cancer Prostate Cancer Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Renal Cancer Melanoma

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