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Got IPO on the brain? 6 obstacles to avoid along the way

New member paper by Bay Area finance/accounting consulting firm RoseRyan outlines the IPO considerations that really matter

Going public is quite a trip—and very different from actually “being” a public company. The frenzied IPO transaction time that generally captures our imaginations and soaks up news headlines is actually just one short stage in a long journey. That’s one of the central insights of CLSA member RoseRyan’s newly available paper geared for life sciences companies that are eyeing IPOs.

In this brief report on IPOs, RoseRyan CEO and founder Kathy Ryan reveals 6 commonly overlooked areas that can trip up leaders of fast-moving companies. She provides:

  • Top-level, must-ask questions before getting on the IPO train
  • A prep list for avoiding blunders
  • A reality check on the need to get the troops ready for the changes ahead
  • The hard truth behind the “IPO hangover”
  • Reasons why companies can actually manage their share price (even though few think they can).

Based in Silicon Valley and serving the San Francisco Bay Area, RoseRyan is a finance and accounting consulting firm that has worked on tricky transactions with hundreds of life sciences companies since 1993.

The IPO journey: 6 obstacles to avoid for a smooth trip helps finance executives avoid the potholes that frequently derail success. Ryan shares how the IPO process shakes up company culture, strains resources and teams, and brings a whole new level of scrutiny to the business. She starts the paper with some tough questions to examine before even embarking on the IPO path, which creates its own momentum.

Ryan’s IPO advice begins with encouraging companies to give proper planning its due and to realize that the IPO journey—from the initial planning stage to a year or so after the stock exchange bell rings—spans a significant amount of time. It’s a major transformation!

By following the wisdom outlined here, your company can avoid 6 big blunders that have rocked other IPOs. To learn more about the paper and download it, go here.