Hogan Lovells | Moving at warp speed: Are you ready to go to market?



9:00am - 10:00am

The current model for biotech companies often means operating in drastically compacted timelines. This focus on speed can lead to complications or oversight of important regulatory and intellectual property (IP) issues when seeking funding, whether a company is looking to close a seed round or go public.

As you start preparing for JP Morgan’s Annual Healthcare Conference, don’t miss this opportunity to hear perspectives from members of the Hogan Lovells IP and Global Regulatory teams and the Boston Business Journal as we share actionable insights on equipping your company with critical knowledge, including:
• What are the key IP and regulatory issues companies should be on top of before seeking funding?
• How to best prepare for diligence to avoid holdups?
• Do you have the right partners and manufacturers to be able to scale up through clinical trials?
• How do investors value clinical trial data integrity concerns?

Panel to include:
Larry Shumway, IP Counsel, Flagship Pioneering
Kristin Connarn, Partner – Boston Office, Hogan Lovells
Bob Underwood, Partner – Boston Office, Hogan Lovells
Scott Kaplan, Counsel – Boston Office, Hogan Lovells

Hosted by:
Carolyn Jones, Market President & Publisher, Boston Business Journal

Event Partner: Hogan Lovells

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