President's Corner

How Are You Redefining Success?

As capital sources, scientific insights and business models evolve, California’s innovators continue to adapt and refine the strategies for success.

Over the years, our focus has remained constant: discover the next great thing and turn it into a reality.  Today, these innovations and the skills needed to move them forward, are changing faster than ever and California is setting the pace.

Join us for CALBIO 2013 June 12-14 at the San Diego Convention Center for highly unique, one of a kind programming, and learn how we are doing ‘IT’ today, not tomorrow.

Once investment darlings, harsh reality has set in for the life science industry. The gravy days are over and not likely to return. While not a gravy train, private and public money is still available for those who can set themselves apart from the crowd. The Capital Case Studies track will highlight first-hand actionable intelligence from companies, investors and others involved in recent successful financing endeavors.

Consumers and payers are demanding a new generation of digital, connected healthcare, and California is in a unique position to take advantage of this revolution. The confluence of scientific, medical, engineering and wireless technology hubs – fueled by universities and independent institutes—is providing the ideal environment for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to start, support, and grow successful companies. The Future of Healchare track includes an all-star line-up of speakers who will present the big picture and then go deeper into revolutionary technologies: who will pay for them and how entrepreneurs can create businesses around them.

The Speed Dating track is a fast and fun format that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet venture capital and pharma business execs one-on-one. The track will consist of four, ninety minute sessions divided between traditional VC early stage, traditional VC mid-late stage, corporate/strategic VC and pharmaceutical business development. The session will open with a rapid fire Q&A with the VCs/pharma execs about their current investing or partnering strategy, what they look for in an ideal investment and current examples.

The year is 2030 and biotechnology is recognized as one of the greatest intellectual enterprises of humankind. Cancer is a manageable disease and world hunger has largely been addressed, the industry has been the investment darling for private and public investors for over a decade and public opinion of biotechnology is at an all-time high. But what provided the impetus for the significant change that enabled biotechnology’s dreams to be realized?

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