IBM Watson Health: Health economic modeling in the COVID-19 pandemic: the U.S. payer perspective



8:0am - 9:0am

The reimbursement process can be lengthy and complex, but how can life sciences companies navigate the payer landscape to address the urgent need for treatments in the midst of a pandemic?

Economic models can help researchers and data scientists understand, simulate, and predict the impacts of pandemics on healthcare costs and utilization, and ultimately help demonstrate a treatment’s value to payers.

Join Mason Russell, Global Value & Market Access Portfolio Leader for IBM Watson Health, for an engaging discussion of various aspects of health economic modeling of COVID-19 treatments and vaccines. Learn more about the types of models that are of most interest to U.S. healthcare payers, the pros and cons of these models, and available data sources. Discover methods and tools you can use to demonstrate product value and gain deeper insight into strategies for evidence generation.

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