INanoBio Inc

Organization Address
320 Logue Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043

Organization Phone
(602) 770-2385


Biotech and Pharmaceutical

Organization Description

INanoBio is developing two disruptive product platforms for future personalized and preventative diagnostics and medicine.
First product: INanoBio is developing an advanced patented sequencer that will be priced below $10,000, capable of sequencing the whole genome in 15 minutes with high accuracy, at a cost close to $100, in effect democratizing genomic diagnostic testing. Incumbent whole genome sequencers sell for $1 – 10 M and cost $1,000 to sequence a whole genome.

Second product: The second product is an advanced proteomics integrated platform for early disease diagnostics and ultra-high throughput drug discovery. We have successfully developed two initial prototypes and are planning to soon initiate pilot studies in two cancer areas for developing a blood based early diagnostic tests, in addition to developing the platform for Alzheimers drug discovery.

We have a very strong team, and are privileged to have who’s who in the scientific world on our scientific advisory board, in addition to leading clinical experts.