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Introducing the Fall FAST 2015 Companies

Four dynamic life science startups – vetted and selected by a distinguished review panel this summer – have been selected for CLSI’s Fall 2015 Fellows All-Star Team (FAST) Advisory Program. The Fall 2015 FAST companies are: Cairn Biosciences, developers of a live cell high-content screening platform; Nodexus, commercializing a novel microfluidic platform for identifying and characterizing biomedical samples; Valitor, developing advanced, protein-based drugs with exquisite control over their pharmacological properties, and; Ziteo Medical, building accurate image guided surgery devices.

Each company founder has been paired with a team of 10 to 12 advisors who they are meeting with over 10 weeks in one-hour advisory sessions. These meetings will culminate in a final FAST Showcase to a broad audience of industry professionals, entrepreneurs and potential investors on December 10th at Byers Auditorium at UCSF Mission Bay.

Now in its third year, FAST was developed to help some of the most compelling young Bay Area life science companies FAST-track their way to funding and success. In four previous cycles, 20 companies have received over 1800 advisory hours valued at over $475,000, have collectively raised more than $48 million and created 67 jobs since their participation in FAST.

The FAST program draws on a high-level team of serial entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and business advisors with expertise in clinical development, regulatory, reimbursement, relevant technical R&D, finance, marketing and business development. The teams provide FAST entrepreneurs with intensive team review and coaching to perfect their business model and develop a compelling commercialization strategy.