Introducing the Fall 2019 FAST Companies

Five life science startups, vetted and selected by a distinguished review panel, will join CLSI’s Fall 2019 Fellows All-Star Team (FAST) Advisory Program. The Fall 2019 FAST cohort includes:

  • Algen Biotechnologies – Algen is creating a smart CRISPR-based therapeutics engine to identify safe and efficacious reprogramming drug targets and lead candidates for cancers with high unmet need.
  • Altay Therapeutics – Altay Therapeutics is developing a novel small molecule inhibitor (ALT-CP4) for fibrosis, which targets a cellular protein that regulates matrix deposition and immune activation.
  • Convalesce – Convalesce is developing a peptide-based hydrogel matrix to transplant stem cells in the brain.
  • Dentia – Dentia is developing a biomimetic mineralization technology to promote tissue repair and regeneration in tooth decay.
  • Reservoir Neuroscience – Reservoir Neuroscience is developing a scaffold of small molecule inhibitors that can cross the BBB, inhibit TGFβ signaling, and relieve the chronic inflammatory load in the aging brain, ultimately restoring BBB integrity and neural function.

Each company founder will be paired with a team of 10 to 12 advisors who will meet with them over 12 weeks in group advisory sessions. These meetings culminate in a final FAST Showcase on December 10 to a broad audience of industry professionals, entrepreneurs and potential investors.

Now starting its seventh year, FAST was developed to help some of the most innovative young life science companies FAST-track their way to funding and success. FAST’s 65 company graduates have received over 7000 volunteer advisory hours valued at over $1,500,000, have collectively raised over $880 million and have tripled their workforce, creating 364 new jobs since their participation in FAST.

Aaron Friedman, CEO of Reservoir Neuroscience, speaks about repairing vascular leakiness in the brain to treat neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s at the 2019 Fall FAST Review Session.