JLABS | Pulse Check-Today’s Funding Landscape



9:00am - 10:00am

Today’s current crisis has changed the mindset of many industry strategic partners, investors and overall stakeholders. From pivoting investment priorities, to identifying new areas of innovation, the investor landscape is constantly shifting.
For small to medium sized biotechs, it can be hard to keep up with promised milestones while also planning and anticipating the future of their companies. How could companies be preparing for not only the short-term but for years to come? What should be prioritized in the coming months? Who is still investing? How can they find the right partners for them as they move forward?

Join JLABS as we welcome members of Johnson and Johnson Development Corp., and other industry investors to:

– Share how they are planning for the future and pivoting in the current crisis

– What they believe companies should be prioritizing
– How bio-techs could stay connected with their current and potential stakeholders
– Where they could find the right resources and investment opportunities, and overall gain a pulse check on the investor community

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