Joe Pellegrino

Senior Membership Engagement Manager

Joe Pellegrino joined the California Life Science Association (CLSA) in March 2017 and serves as the Director of Business Development. In that capacity, Joe is responsible for ensuring business growth through directing and managing sales activities. He identifies and engages new opportunities for membership within the life sciences sector, while maintaining CLSA’s existing membership portfolio. Joe works with CLSA member companies helping them identify ways to maximize their membership through CLSA Purchasing Group Programs. Before joining CLSA, Joe worked in sales management for twenty years with VWR International in the San Francisco Bay Area, where his customer base was predominantly life science companies. Since VWR is a CLSA Business Solution Provider(BSP), it was here that Joe worked intimately with CLSA for over 10 years, as nearly all of his customers were CLSA members and participated in the VWR program. Joe holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Union College in Schenectady New York.