Join CHI at the 2015 Convergence Summit

By examining the impact technology has had on industries such as banking, retail and education, the vision of connected health is a new avenue of an already successful pairing. Physicians and health providers pushing for better access to higher quality and more efficient care, as well as the changing healthcare economy have given rise to connected health. Its aim is to maximize healthcare resources and increase efficiency while promoting self-management and prevention.

The importance of consumer centric healthcare continues to prevail due to increases in chronic disease, steeply rising costs, provider shortages and an aging U.S. population with a longer lifespan. Now more than ever, better healthcare is needed. The two main platforms for connected health are monitoring and feedback, and lifestyle coaching. Lifestyle coaching programs’ aim is mainly a preventative approach to help influence life changes and improve general health. Monitoring and feedback programs are crucial to the chronically ill, the elderly and to those who are located in remote areas that do not have easy access to healthcare providers and physicians.

This industry has exploded in the past decade with Wireless Life Sciences Alliance being one of the pioneers in this field.  This innovative company has connected over 100 organizations in the Wireless Health community and continues to provide educational and business opportunities for its members. WLSA’s annual Convergence Summit held in sunny San Diego, May 26 -28 has a two-day agenda packed with keynote speakers, including Dr. Daniel Kraft, Dr. Glenn Steele and Dr. Eric Topol. The summit will also provide structured networking opportunities, interactive sessions and industry demos to further the advancement of wireless health and connect innovative thinkers.

At this year’s conference, creating better products faster will be one of the key themes by exploring different technologies to advance the discovery, creation and integration of devices, and information into tech-enabled services for both consumers and institutions. Policy issues will also be discussed at length with special focus on the FDA, HHS, the ONC HIT, FFC and FTC. Leading hospitals and other customers are embracing connected health tools and the Convergence Summit will provide the opportunity to learn from them what they need from the connected health community. And lastly, to keep connected health efforts consumer centric, the Summit will focus on the voices of patients and consumers. WLSA and the Convergence Summit bring all of the industry aspects together to better advance the healthcare field.

The importance of delivering affordable, high-quality and efficient healthcare is finally being addressed and pursued by means of connected health.  This is an ever growing industry with a community that is quickly progressing to make real change. To be a part of this healthcare revolution, it is important to become an advocate for your own health and educate yourself on the up and coming advances.

About Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA)

The Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) is a special-purpose trade organization committed to accelerating the adoption of innovative healthcare technologies. Our community includes CEOs, senior-level executives, entrepreneurs, companies of all sizes, foundations, educational institutions, scientists, physicians, and policy makers. The WLSA is dedicated to creating value and improving health, globally, by stimulating the implementation of technologies that empower consumers and innovative institutions. WLSA partners and companies all over the world are using wireless and connected health innovations to better manage chronic conditions, pre-empt disease and improve the lives of the elderly and under-served populations.