Knowledge Synthesis

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725 Folger Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94710-2809

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(510) 982-6777



Organization Description
Knowledge Synthesis accelerates and improves medical discovery by revealing the significance of large-scale experimental data in biological contexts. DISCOVERY Knowledge Synthesis discovery integrates and analyzes 'omics platform experimental data and knowledge-bases. We leverage integrated information to propose the highest-value hypotheses for biomarker discovery, drug repositioning and indication discovery, mechanism of drug action studies, diagnostics, personalized medicine, and combination therapy. Knowledge Synthesis can revolutionize your understanding of existing samples and data. By providing essential contexts for your proprietary information, new knowledge is synthesized. more about who we are COMMUNICATION Our contract research begins with understanding our client's goals. We work with your team, take care of bioinformatic, computational, and statistical issues, and coordinate sample profiling as needed to support projects. Our flexible, responsive approach frees your organization from the burdens of managing data integration and distracting details. Importantly, we communicate with your decision-makers at the right level to deliver the key knowledge you need. more about our services VALUE Selecting biological systems to model the biological processes key to therapeutic or diagnostic potential of compounds is essential, both to test predictions and to control costs. By elucidating molecular mechanisms, Knowledge Synthesis attains a high level of confidence in planning confirmation and validation experiments. The results we provide are inherently molecular. Biomarker discovery is implicit in our studies of mechanism of drug action, for example. We bring actionable hypotheses to your projects by bridging your understanding of disease indications and protein activity at the right stage of R&D.

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