Kodiak Sciences, Inc

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3350 W Bayshore Rd, Ste 150
Palo Alto, CA 94303-4242

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(650) 354-0925


Biotech and Pharmaceutical

Drug Discovery

Organization Description

We are powering a new era of multi-mechanism, multi-format, disease-centric medicines. Our proprietary Extreme Biocompatibility biopolymers are the backbone for a new generation of smarter medicines. Conventional drug development is handicapped by drug formats that can be engineered for only one function. The result is that very little of society’s growing knowledge of disease biology can be included in any one medicine. New data increasingly show the power of combination medicines, especially those interconnected into single molecules. The Oligasis technology with its flexibility and power brings interconnected combination medicines to an entirely new level. Sitting at the intersection of chemistry and biology, the Oligasis technology can be applied to biopharmaceuticals and small molecules and, preferably, both. Oligasis enables its partners to reach a higher level of innovation and to fill their pipelines with more and safer higher efficacy medicines.