Latent View Twelfth Analytics Roundtable

San Francisco


9:30am - 2:30pm

The focus of this roundtable is to discuss the key factors that
determine optimal analytics maturity – understand real-world
examples of how data has become a principal priority to produce
insights, challenges of creating an insights-based culture, how to
map the current analytics maturity of your organization and
identify steps needed to go to the next level.
These by-invitation events are just the right size to facilitate
open discussions that ensure all participants leave feeling more
prepared for the digital future. Join top industry minds at the
round table and share challenges and best practices with
pioneers in the analytics field.

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Contact: Kiruthika Lakshmi
Contact Phone: 9884734871
Contact Email:

Event Address:

The Four Seasons Hotel

757 Market St 757 Market St

San Francisco, CA 94103, USA