Leadership EDGE for Women

CLSA, South San Francisco


9:00am - 4:00pm

Finding Your Niche for Career Success (Where do I want to be?)
Today’s professionals need to master career management strategies in order to maximize their impact on the organization while feeling professionally fulfilled. By identifying your skills and talents and combining these with your goals and aspirations, you can map a path for your long-term success. The life science industry is so dynamic, many roles change rapidly due to quickly evolving business conditions and technology. Career management centers around the Person, Place, Possibilities, Performance and a Plan. Whether your goal is to advance through promotion, seek learning and development opportunities or re-position yourself in the organization, this program will provide you with the tools you need.
This session raises awareness about how you can easily build a career plan that is flexible and changes with your own interests and what your organization needs today and in the future. Participants will gain an understanding of their strengths, learn how to actively pinpoint opportunities in the organization, identify key mentors and sponsors who can serve as internal champions and get stretch assignments that expand their skill sets; all positioning them to expertly influence their future.

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