Leadership EDGE for Women, Communication and Influence for Impact (Once there, how do I tell my story in an engaging and impactful way)

San Francisco


9:00am - 4:00pm

To increase your ability to persuade, motivate and influence, effective communication is
key. This, in turn, will help you to build rapport, relationships and connect with others.
Using insights from the Myers-Briggs personality profile, you’ll identify your preferred
communication style, overlaid with an understanding of innate gender-specific strengths and
opportunities related to communication. You will also learn how to recognize the styles of
others – so you can reduce conflict and improve performance.
The ability to effectively communicate allows leaders to excel. The ability to effectively
influence can take your leadership to the next level. Building off the self-awareness of their
preferred communication style as well as emotional intelligence (EQ), participants will gain
an understanding of the art of influence and develop the language to assert themselves with
greater confidence. This will enable them to achieve more through shared resources in an
environment where there are competing goals, dotted line reporting relationships and often
times the need to influence without the given authority. Armed with the tools for powerful
self-analysis, participants will uncover the obstacles that could be currently holding them
back from achieving their full potential. They’ll complete the workshop with a new roadmap
for improved communication and greater influence.

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Contact: Lisa D'Angelo
Contact Phone: 8584546540
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CLSA Event Center, California Life Science Association, 701 Gateway, South San Francisco, CA 94080