Leadership EDGE for Women, Networking for Success (How do I go about getting there?)

San Francisco


9:00am - 4:00pm PDT

Reflecting on the leader they want to be and their identified career niche, participants will begin to think about the gaps between where they are today and where they want to be in the future. This session will focus on teaching participants how to build a network today that will help them close the gaps and thereby accelerate their career.

Whether it be career growth or building a network of scientific peers, identifying the participants’ goals will give them energy, excitement and ongoing motivation to take the steps to effectively network with great results. Once participants have defined their goals, they will learn how to strategically maximize their network through different types of relationships. Centers of Influence can boost their access and credibility through referrals and testimonials. Mentors can provide advice and guide them to develop the necessary skills, experience or expertise. Sponsors are powerfully positioned champions who advocate on a high-potential leader’s behalf. A network of peers can be a valuable group to
brainstorm with, glean best practices from and learn about new technologies.

Participants will learn the most effective ways to network with their most beneficial contacts (ex: at events, through social media, by joining associations, etc.) resulting in relationships that best support them in meeting their goals. Finally, participants will gain skills and tools to successfully network including how to overcome the awkwardness of networking, how to make an interesting and memorable impression and how to build and nurture long-lasting relationships that will support them in achieving their goals.

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Contact: Lisa D'Angelo
Contact Phone: 8584546540
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CLSA Event Center, California Life Science Association, 701 Gateway, South San Francisco, CA 94080